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PETERBOROUGH by-election. Congratulations to Lisa Forbes and Peterborough Labour Party for winning our seat there!
From all at South Cambs CLP!

Thanks extended to all labour workers including Rob Grayston our former Chairman

Labour sees off Brexit Party in by-election Lisa Forbes is elected in Peterborough as Nigel Farage's "NO POLICY" party fails to win a Parliamentary seat just like UKIP! and Farrage left through a back door just before the results were declared!

Difficult times made worse!

For the knockers of Labour & Labour v’s lib dems,
Has the mess we as a country are in made our memory span got so short?

Labour tried several times in parliament to stop May and her stonewalling blindly into brEXIT. Sadly other parties had their own vested interests it seems in other plans, rightly or wrongly, shunning attempts to oust the crumbling infighting of the tories in a new general election, in votes of no confidence all lost and for what? it seems to keep May's failing government in power?

South Cambridgeshire Labour party are disappointed that the local Liberal Democrats are distributing ambiguous campaign material designed to misrepresent the Labour position on Brexit by implying that we are in favour of a “disastrous no deal Brexit”.

The Lib Dem deputy leader of South Cambridgeshire district council has accepted that their material is ambiguous and we hope that the local Liberal Democrats will publicly clarify that the Labour position is unequivocally against both a no deal Brexit, and any Tory Brexit before polling day.

We believe that the real threat is the Brexit party, and that all parties opposed to Nigel Farage’s brand of right-wing populism should be working together to heal the divisions in the country and take the argument back to those who seek to divide us.
While an effective approach from a party-political standpoint, The Liberal Democrats tactic of taking cheap shots at Labour in order to win existing pro-remain votes will do nothing to help stem the rise of pro-brexit populism. To do this the Liberal Democrats must turn their fire on the Brexit party and help to counter the narrative that only a hard Brexit respects democracy, thus undermining the case for voting in favour of Nigel Farage.

Throughout the Brexit process only the Labour Party has sought a common ground position that could command the consent of both the 48% and the 52%; respecting the result of the referendum while seeking a future relationship with the EU that remains as close as possible. While many may disagree with this approach Labour have twice whipped in favour of a second referendum and it is incumbent on the Liberal Democrats to recognise that the only route to a second referendum is with the Labour votes which Jeremy Corbyn has delivered when given the opportunity.

Darren Macey On behalf of South Cambridgeshire Labour party

Note: In the last election Labour almost doubled its vote in South Cambridgeshire. Our candidate Dan Greef overtook the Lib Dems taking Labour into second place for the first time in the constituency. Since 2015 the membership of the local party has doubled, and any imminent general election.

South Cambridgeshire was dominated by the Tories, yet it is feeling the effects of Theresa May & her disastrous brEXIT plotting which is damaging our country, employment prospects, and the last Government of David Cameron & George Osborne's austerity politics. County council cuts - forced on them by central Government - will leave the most vulnerable in our communities without support. Health chiefs in Cambridgeshire have warned that cuts to care packages will heap even more pressure onto our community health services and Addenbrooke's Hospital.

We're here to say we have all had enough.

And we need your help. Please get in touch, keep an eye on these pages and come along to our next meeting.

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